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How We Select

A).Procedure: Normally, the recruitment procedure starts in January and ends in March. First, the recruitment announcement is published to all NPTU students. Students who are interested should send documents to the Office of International Affairs, showing that they meet the requirements of the exchange program. Those who meet the requirements are then invited to join the interview. Then, the final list is decided by the international affairs promotional committee.

B).How often: NPTU recruit exchange students on a yearly basis. However, if more scholarship is available, a send recruitment will be conducted.

C).Criteria of Selection :
a. Students should be those who are registered NPTU students and have studied for more than one semester.
b. Students shall not have any admonition or punishment records during university period.
c. Students should get an average score of 80 points or above in conduct.
d. Students academic grade should have been above 50% of the class in previous years.
e. Students nationality should be the Republic of China and hold household registration in Taiwan.
f. Students should have an English proficiency certificate.
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